Ongoing Remote Goal: 10 Impressions Per Day

Just before the end of 2020 I hit an important milestone with Ongoing Remote: our first Google search impression!

Hey, thanks whoever you are in Singapore!

This is of course a small victory, but after seeing zero impressions for several weeks, it’s reassuring to see a positive number. The ultimate goal of course is to get sales, but your conversion funnel needs to start somewhere.

  • Impressions come before clicks
  • Clicks come before starting the purchase process
  • Starting the purchase process comes before completing the purchase process

This first impression wasn’t an explicit goal of mine, but I had been checking the Search Console nearly every day to see if it happened. But now I do want to set a goal: Ongoing Remote gets at least 10 Google search impressions in a single day in January 2021.

To do this, I need to do some SEO basics:

  • Update and verify all of my meta tags
  • Add robots.txt file
  • Update my social media profiles to include links to Ongoing Remote
  • Connect Twitter to my blog, as this blog includes back linking to Ongoing Remote
  • Post a bit more on social media (I recently opened a Reddit account and started giving technical advice to startups)

So though my goal is 10 impressions per day by the end of the month, but I should shoot for much higher than that with my actions, to increase the probability that I hit the goal.