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How Asking ‘Why Not?’ Can Overcome Digital Transformation Implementation Resistance

I want to share with you a technique I used to overcome some serious implementation resistance we had on a digital transformation project. We had built a new system for transactional processing and had run several pilot transactions involving real customers and real employees using the system. These transactions went through without the sky falling, … Continue reading How Asking ‘Why Not?’ Can Overcome Digital Transformation Implementation Resistance

Shoot for Jerk

Like all managers of technical teams, I’m primarily concerned with improving my team’s effectiveness. When I think about the possible ways I can do this, I try to classify them according to the nature of their impact. For instance, I could make the team more effective by starting to code myself. Since we have an … Continue reading Shoot for Jerk

Self Introduction

I’m the CTO of a corporate startup in Dubai and have worked on multiple digital transformation projects. My background is well-rounded, as I have a degree in mathematics, worked as an actuary, project manager, financial analyst, web developer and Agile coach. I’ve lived in seven different countries and speak five languages. I’ve got trainer-level certifications … Continue reading Self Introduction

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