Learning SEO from Neil Patel

Stop Wasting Money on Content Creation Before Learning the Basics

Maybe you, like me, are a web developer who can build a site that does just about anything, but are at a loss when you need to figure out how to drive traffic to your own site.

I’ve been working on a new site called Ongoing Remote, and the business model depends entirely on organic traffic. Though I have experience with implementing technical SEO in my full time job, I’ve never actually had to write any of the content myself.

I experimented with paying some freelancers on Fiverr, but quickly realized that I wasn’t providing them with the right information to generate traffic. They are happy to take my money, but it wasn’t going to create value because it wasn’t directed at the traffic I’m looking for.

I clearly needed to learn more about the subject from someone more knowledgeable than myself.

Which SEO guru should I trust?

So I looked around for guides on SEO on YouTube, and found that there are tons of them:

A plethora of SEO gurus.

I ended up going with Neil Patel, because I felt like he was really trying to share, rather than up-sell me on his products, and I found that his content appeared to be backed up by research and real world experience. Funny enough, his advice is to do exactly that!

Though there are many technical factors about how Google ranks you, at the end of the day, Google is trying to help people find the answers they are searching for. So you should take care of technical SEO and keyword research and meta tags, but the core goal should be to help give value to your visitors by answering their questions.

And I think that sometimes feels like it is lost when looking at SEO-related content and guides. The technical aspects and the algorithm take center stage over delivering real value, which can lead one to become cynical.

But with Neil he clearly embodies his values. He wants to help people and he wants you to learn and get better and build your business. He does pitch his product, but that product is usable and highly featured for free. The option to upgrade is there, but he never mentions it once in his guide.

SEO Unlocked – Course by Neil Patel

I’ve gone through his course, SEO Unlocked, skimming the stuff I already know quite well, I focused on my weakness: content creation. The guy gave great practical advice, some of which I’m directly applying to this blog post – you might notice the format is a bit different than the posts in the past.

His course includes many PDF templates and guides that are incredibly useful for me as a newbie content creator. I now feel like I have an actual plan for my first content piece and I know why each section is what it is and why it is in it’s place in the sequence.

I also feel like I’m not just treating my visitors like ATMs, but I will be writing something that gives back to them and helps them find answers to their questions. On top of that, I picked a topic that is relatively sparse, so it should be filling an unfulfilled need online.

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