Ongoing Remote Update: Creating a Content Plan

Current Goal

Ongoing Remote gets at least 10 Google search impressions in a single day in January 2021.


Zero impressions in the past day.


Today the only functional changes I made were some more performance improvements to the site, as well as adding some links to the header to improve internal linking:

The new nav at Ongoing Remote.

I also hired another Fiverr freelancer to write some content, and while doing it I realized I didn’t really know what I wanted them to write.

So I know the marketing team at my company maintains a content plan that they work off of to track their content writers. I made a much more simplified version with one tab on my content hierarchy:

This is a simple map of parent-child relationships between pages and how they appear in nav elements.

And a second tab on content to be written:

A simple start to tracking all this.

The version at our company is more detailed and includes links to article briefs, date of publishing, status of rich elements to include, and so on. For now I can start with what I have and make it more sophisticated as I need to.

If I’m going to create 100 content pieces, I’m first going to have to be able to list out 100 topics, and this sheet will help me keep track of that. Considering the cost of paying for content, I’m unlikely to spend enough on external resources to hit 100. So instead maybe I will plan out 100 and get a smaller number written this month.

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