Ongoing Remote Update: Adding a Contact Form and FAQs

Current Goal

Ongoing Remote gets at least 10 Google search impressions in a single day in January 2021.


Zero impressions in the past day.


Yesterday I finally put my nose down and wrote some content for Ongoing Remote. Admittedly it isn’t much, and I spent significantly more time putting the framework in place.

I’ve made a contact form and an FAQ that initially has two question and answers.

Gotta start somewhere!

As part of the templates I added breadcrumbs to each article:

Just now I checked and Google says that these should also be added to the page schema, so that goes on my to-do list.

I also added a footer section with internal linking, which is recommended for SEO:

After publishing them I went to the Google Search Console, and realized that not all of my pages were indexed, so I submitted each URL for indexing:

I’m not going to get any impressions unless Google has indexed the pages!

Since getting through the indexing queue will take at least a couple of days, I need to write a lot of content early if I want to meet my goal.

So today I’m looking at writing several more FAQs and possibly applying the recommended schema markup mentioned above.

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