Ongoing Remote Update: Meta Tags and Logos

Current Goal

Ongoing Remote gets at least 10 Google search impressions in a single day in January 2021.


Yesterday I wrote about some next steps for improving SEO on Ongoing Remote, and I implemented them all. I connected a Twitter account to this blog, I updated my meta tags on the site, and I added a robots.txt file.

I also added various favicons to the site using this very helpful guide. Now I have favicons for each recommended size:

See the linked guide to understand why we need each one.

And I also have meta tags for the various uses of these icons:

Some for various browsers, one for Android, and two for iOS.

I also converted my logo to inline SVG, eliminating an additional http request from my page load. In the process I learned a few things about SVG accessibility and was sure to include the elements for sight-impaired visitors:

Including title and desc elements help for users with screen readers.

My mobile performance isn’t as high as I would like it to be at the moment, and the main contributor is a ton of css coming from semantic-ui-react:

I want this to be 100!

However, replacing my css library is not the most pressing thing at the moment considering my goal. The elephant in the room is the lack of content on the site, as it is extremely limited at the moment.

I’ve been lazy about this because I’m just better at technical tasks than I am at writing. Although I’m writing here on my blog, and this is providing helpful back-linking to my site, I really need to have content directly on the site itself.

Next Steps

So now that I’ve done some cleanup, I think that I just need to hunker down and write. I should add at least one page per day for a while, and ensure these all get the right meta tags on them. Then Google should pick them up and I can get those juicy impressions that I’m after.

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