Using Meditation to Overcome Anger

I’m a pretty passionate guy at work. Most of the time this manifests as being productive and taking initiative on things. However, it can sometimes manifest as anger when I’m not getting my way. I’ve definitely blown up and yelled at coworkers before, and I always regret it afterwards. Other times I will write a very terse email that causes more harm than good. Once I even created a ‘special’ folder for a coworker I had a problem with and accidentally showed it to him during a screen sharing session. How embarrassing!

I’ve tried a number of things to prevent negative outbursts and focus my passion only into productive pursuits. And somewhat recently I’ve found that daily meditation is like a miracle cure. I use a bare-bones app called Oak every day during my lunch time. At first I did the guided meditation sessions, and later I went through the mantra course. Now I just do twenty minutes of unguided meditation every day, with a sound every two minutes to bring my mind back if it has wandered.

I find that when I do the meditation well, I get put in a state of deep relaxation, and feel much more emotionally detached from my work. The state of frustration and anger seem to be closely related to confusion, and with my mind cleared of confusion I’m able to be even more productive than before and also feel quite content doing my work.

I still get frustrated and angry at times, and when I do I try to catch myself and hear my personal mantra, ‘ma-nah’. This is like a guiding light to bring me away from my bad state of mind and generally prevents my mood from getting any worse. Then when I have my daily session I get a complete reset again and am good for another day.

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