Self Introduction

I’m the CTO of a corporate startup in Dubai and have worked on multiple digital transformation projects. My background is well-rounded, as I have a degree in mathematics, worked as an actuary, project manager, financial analyst, web developer and Agile coach. I’ve lived in seven different countries and speak five languages.

I’ve got trainer-level certifications in Scrum and have coached hundreds of my colleagues to their own certifications. I’ve taken a 10 person development team with no processes or standards and grew it to a 25 person development team employing Scrum, DevOps, CI/CD and more. Most engineers who have worked on my team said it was the best experience of their careers.

Despite the successes listed above, I’m extremely critical of my own work and perpetually dissatisfied with whatever my team’s situation happens to be at the time. I always want things to be better and better. Lately I’ve used the concept of ‘jerk’ to describe how I try to approach these problems, which I’ll explain in a future post.

I’ve learned a lot from my past successes and failures, and I hope that from this blog I can share some of this learning with the world.

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